Since 2008, we’ve been working closely with UNICEF to support the education of vulnerable children by raising money through a unique shoe donation scheme. 24/09/19

One of the world’s leading charities, UNICEF are responsible for feeding, vaccinating, educating and protecting more children than any other organisation. By working with families, local communities, partners and governments in more than 190 countries, their aim is to help every child realise their full potential.

We’re proud to have been working with UNICEF since 2008, supporting their quest to educate vulnerable children everywhere by raising money through ShoeShare, an innovative donation programme that rehomes old or unwanted shoes.

Since we started, we’ve been able to rehome over 2,050 tonnes of shoes (or approximately 2.3 million pairs) and donate over £1.6 million to help vulnerable children.

You can join us in helping UNICEF to reach even more kids in danger by donating your old or unwanted shoes at one of 500 Clarks stores around the UK. Your shoes will help to change children’s lives by buying equipment such as the ‘School in a Box’ - a transformational educational aid that turns any space into a learning area with enough resources to teach 40 children, providing them with the opportunity to learn, no matter where they are or what disaster has struck them.

Donate your shoes at your nearest Clarks store.