Indoors, outdoors or brunching with friends, whatever the rules may be this summer, our chic SS21 Sneaker collection will redefine your every move.

Where style and technology meet, these wardrobe essentials will inspire your everyday wardrobe. Why? They offer effortless style, unbeatable comfort, and original design that keep you inspired to be your best self, inside or outside of a bubble.

As smart-casual style boundaries continue to blur, sneakers are fast becoming the front runner for everyday wear, making our retro-inspired Craft Run Lace more relevant than ever. Enhanced with innovative comfort technologies, you’ll never want to take them off.

Our women’s sneaker collection helps you keep up with fashion and fitness simultaneously. The Chic SS21 collection is where style and technology meet, all in aid of caring for your feet. The smart-casual, retro-inspired Craft Run Lace range are as well suited to the gym, as they are to shopping and brunch. The women’s sneaker range takes advantage of Clarks’ own comfort technologies, providing a shoe that can go the distance, without taking its toll on your toes.